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Wild Honey

The honey harvesting season is from April to September. As April approaches, the Kattunayaka men will begin preparations for their 'treasure-hunt' in the deep forests. Wild honeybees make hives every year on the same trees, which the tribal people call 'honey trees'. They spend more than a week in the forests to collect honey. The honey is collected only at night.

Green tea

The powerful benefits of organic green tea are fast making it the preferred health drink of millions.
• Organic Green Tea
• Rich Source of Antioxidants
• Pure Darjeeling Tea
• Natural source of Fluoride for Teeth
• May help in weight loss

Natural Coffe Basil Coffe

Coffee that's processed without washing off the pulp of the seed pod has an interesting, There are antioxidants in green coffee beans that melt your fat away” Although it clearly sounds too good to be true.


Gandhi Gramam Supermarket, located at Thalapuzha is one of the largest handicrafts shops in Wayanad providing local specialties including green tea, tea dust, spices and locally made handicrafts.

Monkey Feast

Monkeys enjoying an ‘Onasadya’ arranged by the employees of Gandhigram on Wayanad Ghat Road. Nearly 100 monkeys partook of the ‘Onasadya’ (Onam feast) prepared by the staff of Gandhigramam and served at two points along the ghat road to Wayanad The monkeys approached the feast served on plantain leaf without any sign of fear and munched away happily.

Bamboo Rice

'Bamboo rice', collected from the seeds of flowered bamboos, has become a major source of income for tribals living in the interiors of Wayanad wildlife. The seeds can be a substitute for rice and are used to make a number of delicacies. The bamboo seed looks, smells and even tastes a lot like that brownish raw rice grains popular in Kerala.